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You want to be sure that your wheels are ready for your cycling day in Burgenland?

Please send us the request below and we will make you the right offer for your cycling trip.

We are happy to confirm the reserved wheels, so nothing stands in the way of a relaxed cycling day!


Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate!

Call our Bikechief Heinz, who will gladly help you!

Bicycle hotline : 0664/5365204


You want to explore the area completely relaxed and without much effort or are not physically fit? Or. You want to beat the wind?


No problem! Then rent one of our great e-bikes and experience a new one                              Driving pleasure!

1 hour € 5, - (can only be booked from noon on availability on the same day)

Trekking Bikes

Our trekking bikes have a 21 or 24 gear shift. We have several brands to choose from, but in any case, we guarantee top-quality wheels. 1 hour: € 2,-

1 day: € 11,-

2 days: € 22,-


3 days: € 25,-

from the 4th day  € 7,-



City Bikes

Our city bikes have a 7-gear shift with withdrawal! If you are used to it at home, then you do not have to do without the usual way on holiday!

Easy and safe cycling through the area!

1 hour: € 2,- 



1 day: € 11,-

2 days: € 22,-

3 days: € 25,-

every other day: € 7,-


Fun with the double pleasure!

1 hour: € 4,-

1 day: € 22,-

2 days: € 44,-

3 days: € 50,-

every other day: € 14,-

Children's bikes, shadow wheels

Even for your little ones, the bike should be perfectly tuned.

Shadow wheels (children's bike connected by a pole with the adult bike) make for a completely safe and less strenuous trip with your little ones, because the child can not shuffle and should it be tired, well then daddy or mummy, YOU are asked!

On the merry kick !!!

1 hour: € 1,50 -

1 day: € 6,-

2 days: € 12,-

3 days: € 15,-

every other day: € 4,-

Child seats and helmets

Toddlers can comfortably sit in our seats!

Helmets provide security and are carried by more and more guests!

1 hour:

1 day: € 2,-

2 days: € 4,-

3 days: € 6,-

every other day: € 2,-

Our treat for you:


Group discount from 10 persons. (1 wheel for free)
In the high season we offer a special discount of -20% on the services of the bike rental.



Would you like to reserve your dream bikes?

Please write us your request, we will take care of it immediately!

Please note that this is only an INQUIRY, only when you receive confirmation from us, then the bike is reserved for you!

For short-term appointments, we ask you to contact us by phone so that nothing stands in the way of your cycling day!


Please let us know your desired bikes